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The results displayed in the video and the images to the left were enjoyed by these folks using products from the Luminesce Product line, primarily the Luminesce Serum. The Luminesce Serum is our Flag Ship product among our complete Cellular Age Management system of products. Luminesce is patent pending and proprietary exclusive to Jeunesse Global.

Click the image for an overview of how Luminesce is made

Luminesce does not contain Adult Stem Cells.

Luminesce is a serum that has over 200 growth factors derived from culturing Adult Stem Cells. These growth factors communicate with your skin using the natural biochemical language that is understood by the cells of the skin.

The growth factors in Luminesce communicate improvement instructions to your skin cells which leads to the improvements and enhanced appearance over time.

Click below to continue the tour and meet the Medical Doctor who created this break through product. You will also be introduced to our Cellular Age Management system that addresses all areas of Optimal Aging and Youthfulness.